Julian Collazos - Bailando EP

A massive new weapon EP for the incoming summer season and for all lovers of pure afro-tech sound, it's ready to drop...Made it from a very talented columbian producer that debuts for first time in our Home: JULIAN COLLAZOS he definitely nailed it with this release, is one of the guy to keep on eye in future for this genre after some his recent releases on labels such Hottrax, Too Many Rules and Mindhake...For this release he made a proper groover EP with a perfect combo of deep-tech and percussive afro-vibes.



The Deepshakerz & Penny F - In The Abyss

Label heads The Deepshakerz join force alongside the UK talent singer Penny F that she has co-written international number ones with powerful female artists like Lana del Rey as well as more underground tracks and performed at venues including Ministry of Sound, Studio 338, KM5 Ibiza and Summer UK festivals.
From their collaboration is born this new weapon called: IN THE ABYSS, that's is a pure techy Club Heater split in 2 different versions..
The original with the proper unmistakable Deepshakerz's sound in their afro-tech mood and the Club mix with a hypno-melodic synth lead and punchy bassline/groove.


Vedic & Ben A - Elated EP

Real talent duo from Colorado (US) join force for a massive release...remember these names: Vedic & Ben A, The guys teamed up after some their previous releases on labels such Saved, Kraftek, 303 Lovers and Moody, debut this month with a Super COOL EP called 'ELATED'...Since from that moment we heard these tunes we seen the real potential they have it, specially for the summer season incoming...definitely that tracks who need every DJ to give on their set a sophisticate touch, for all real lovers of melodic-House and afro sound! All mixes are FIREEEEE!!!


Chris Di Perri, Salvatore Bruno - Waiting Game EP

Gernam talent duo join force for a massive release...remember these names: Chris Di Perri and Salvatore Bruno, teamed up after some of their release on labels such Kittball, Moon Harbour and Superfett, debuts this month with a Super HOT EP called 'WAITING GAME...Since from that moment we heard these tunes we seen the real potential they have it...definitely that tracks needed to every Dj for the peak-time hour in their Dj/set.....Real club hook for all dance floor and festivals around the globe.
The Pack incl a cool rework from label honchos The Deepshakerz with a proper new touch!


Rowetta, The Deepshakerz - Price To Pay - The Remixes

Label bosses teamed up in this incredible single with the legendary Rowetta and her amazing vocal...their track is called 'PRICE TO PAY' and it wasa pure house music banger for last summer, and for this year, we are very pleased to drops the new remixes:
American Maestro Robbie Rivera, did a real hosue banger with a interesting new mood, to give the maximum energy to the piano vibe, and spanish talented producer James Meid with his unmistakable style, and his proper rework in club mood for every situations.