Cristhian Balcazar - No Spoiler EP

Cristhian Balcazar Dj & Producer Ecuadorian it's a is a great story of growing up ... From his 17 years Cristhian began to play in different clubs in South America for the weekends, while during the week go to high school , after Cristhian move to New York City , where he could discover more to his sound and he turned one of the new talents influential DJs and producers in New York today.
He is also respected as young talent producer, and his productions gain lead supports constantly in playlist by bigs like Jamie Jones, Benny Benassi, Marco Carola, Nathan Barato, Archie Hamilton and much more...
Cristhian Now debut on safe music with his first solo EP, a proper Raw job and with some essential old school vibes, with some different groovy tracks, and Massive Hook, probabily must be some of your favorites weapons to shaking da ass in the dancefloors!!!