Dead Space - Last Night EP

The ninth release of our LTD.catalogue from Safe Music, are 2 Solid tracks proper for the Raw beat lovers,by the talented producer 'Dead Space alongside Suddenly Strange'...
the Ep incl 2 powerfull groovy tech-house crossover cuts for every peak time set.

For sure can't miss it in your Bags ;)

The Deepshakerz - Live Different EP

A special EP we are very proud to release on our catalogue...Safe Music Heads ' The Deepshakerz ' deliver this work for all real lovers of the deep house genre.
Amazing vocals inside each tracks will 'trasport' your dance-floor in another dimension!

Pure Deep Vibes for your parties!!!


Sasa Di Toma - Roots EP

Sasa Di Toma returns in the Safe-family after a long time,with 2 interesting tracks...'Roots' and 'Strange' both with great old shcool influences....power and straight grooves in this really crossover EP,for all Dj's and dancefloors! 


Lessovsky - Fly High EP

New Hot Ep is ready for this month...from Ukraine a very interesting Produced called 'Lessovsky' with his personal mood he did some really amazing tracks...'Fly High' is more melodic with a catchy vocal lead for all the track and 'My Way' is a more groovy track with sexy female vocal and a psychedelic chords melody!

DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!

Waitz - Freak This EP

The Second release of this year are 2 Solid tracks proper for the Raw beat lovers,by the young producer 'Waitz'...Teachin' with impact grooves and some very special dynamic effects...and 'Freak This' with more straight groove and dirty bassline!

Def. 2 tracks can't miss it in your Bags ;)