Lupe Fuentes feat. Ghetto Blaster - The Children

House music icon, Junior Sanchez said it best, when he declared 'Lupe was born to make music and be a DJ. She's fire!' 
Having grown up in Colombia, a country rich with musical styles and sound, Lupe Fuentes has been living and breathing music for most of her life.
Well now we proud to present finally a hot single release from this talented girl...with the straight vocal from 'Ghetto Blaster' she did a nice grooving pack...very crossover for all the dancefloors!


Dead Space - Last Night EP

The ninth release of our LTD.catalogue from Safe Music, are 2 Solid tracks proper for the Raw beat lovers,by the talented producer 'Dead Space alongside Suddenly Strange'...
the Ep incl 2 powerfull groovy tech-house crossover cuts for every peak time set.

For sure can't miss it in your Bags ;)

The Deepshakerz - Live Different EP

A special EP we are very proud to release on our catalogue...Safe Music Heads ' The Deepshakerz ' deliver this work for all real lovers of the deep house genre.
Amazing vocals inside each tracks will 'trasport' your dance-floor in another dimension!

Pure Deep Vibes for your parties!!!


Sasa Di Toma - Roots EP

Sasa Di Toma returns in the Safe-family after a long time,with 2 interesting tracks...'Roots' and 'Strange' both with great old shcool influences....power and straight grooves in this really crossover EP,for all Dj's and dancefloors! 


Lessovsky - Fly High EP

New Hot Ep is ready for this month...from Ukraine a very interesting Produced called 'Lessovsky' with his personal mood he did some really amazing tracks...'Fly High' is more melodic with a catchy vocal lead for all the track and 'My Way' is a more groovy track with sexy female vocal and a psychedelic chords melody!

DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!